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Liquid metal heat sink: definition, characteristics, and application areas


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With the rapid development of technology, the performance of electronic devices continues to improve, but with it comes the issue of device thermal management. Heat dissipation technology is crucial to ensure the stable operation of electronic devices under high loads. A liquid metal radiator is a type of radiator that uses liquid metal as the heat transfer medium. This type of radiator typically consists of a metal shell, liquid metal filling, and an appropriate heat source or radiator surface.


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Characteristics of Liquid Metal Radiators

  1. High thermal conductivity: The high thermal conductivity of liquid metal enables it to quickly transfer heat from the heat source to the surface of the radiator.

  2. Flexible heat transfer methods: Liquid metal radiators have two cooling methods: natural convection and external pumping circulation.

  3. Efficient heat distribution: Through carefully designed metal shells and filling structures, liquid metal radiators can achieve uniform heat distribution.

Application fields of liquid metal heat sinks

  1. High-power electronic devices, such as lasers and power amplifiers, require efficient heat dissipation to ensure stable operation.

  2. Server and data center: With the increasing density of servers and data centers, liquid metal heat sinks' efficient heat dissipation performance is highlighted.

  3. Space probes and satellites: In space environments, liquid metal radiators are the best choice due to the lack of air convection.

  4. Cars and mobile devices: With the popularity of electric and smart devices, efficient thermal management is crucial for extending device lifespan and ensuring safety.

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Comparison between liquid metal radiators and other radiators

Compared with traditional radiators such as air-cooled and liquid-cooled, liquid metal radiators have significant advantages in heat transfer efficiency and heat dissipation performance. Traditional radiators are often limited by airflow, while liquid metal radiators achieve more efficient heat transfer through the fluidity of the liquid.

Design and Manufacturing of Liquid Metal Radiators

  1. Material selection: When selecting materials for liquid metal heat sinks, priority should be given to materials with high thermal conductivity and excellent chemical stability.

  2. Structural design: Optimize the geometry and size of the radiator to ensure a good heat flow path and uniform heat distribution.

  3. Sealing and circulation system: Design a reliable sealing system and circulation pumping device to ensure the stable flow of liquid metal.

  4. Testing and verification: In order to ensure the reliability and stability of liquid metal radiators, strict testing and verification must be carried out to ensure their normal operation under various working conditions.

Improving the heat dissipation efficiency of liquid metal radiators

  1. Enhancing the fluidity of liquids: By improving the circulation system or using additives, the fluidity of liquid metals can be enhanced, thereby improving heat transfer efficiency.

  2. Optimize the integration of heat sources and radiators: Improve the contact design between heat sources and radiators, reduce thermal resistance, and improve heat transfer efficiency.

  3. Introduction of nanotechnology: By adding nanomaterials to liquid metals, their thermal conductivity is enhanced, further improving heat dissipation efficiency.


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