Chromium Chip Chromium Sheet Chromium Flake CAS 7440-47-3

Item No.: Tr-Cr02 Chrome chip hard and brittle steel gray bright metal with hardness like corundum and lower melting than platinumPurity>99.95%Product name: chromium flake…


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Green Nickel Oxide NiO CAS 1313-99-1

Item No.: TR-NiO Nickel (II) oxide is green-black powder, with the chemical formula NiO, is green-black powder, with the chemical formula NiO, an intrinsic p-type semiconductor with a wide bandgap and good thermal and chemical stability.Puri…


Development of polycarboxylate superplasticizer

According to the different molecular structure, it can be divided into four generations of polycarboxylate series superplasticizer, the first generation is acrylic acid copolymer, the second generation is propylene ether type, the third generation is…


What is the current graphite price?

Graphite price have moved higher again over the past month. Fine flake prices have soared.…

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