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High Purity Gallium Sulfide Ga2S3 Powder CAS 12042-22-5, 99.99%

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This substance can also be called organic. Ga2S3 is the chemical name for this substance. It dissolves slowly in water. You can make gallate by using concentrated alkali. Particle Size: 80-100mesh Purity 99.99%

Gallium Sulfide. Ga2S3 Sal GalliumIII Sulfic acids Ga2S3 H2S3 Semiconductors with the H2S3 are outfitted with photon or electron parts. When there is moisture in the air, ballium sulfurideIII will slow down and produce hydrogen sulfuride (III). You will require this to create sulfate. It can be used to prepare gallium-titrates as well as thiolates. HTML2S3 How was non-chemically sulfide heating done? It doesn't matter. It's Ga4SX4.8. It had an impact on its size. The yellow color is due to the fact that it has four parts. It's Ga2S3 Alpha. It looks very much like Zns4 faceted Zns construction. Similar to Zns Zinc Blendture. Our company is able to supply Gallium Sulfide Gall2S3 bulk-powder. Premium Quality 99.99% Semiconductor Material Ga2S3 Prices Galium Sulfide

Gallium Sulfide Certificate Analysis

Purity Cu Ni Zn Ca Fe Cr Co Na Mn
Article 99.99% <=5ppm <=5ppm <=10ppm <=5ppm <=5ppm <=10ppm <=3ppm <=5ppm <=5ppm <=5ppm

Gallium Sulfide: Ga2S3

Gallium Sulfide Property White

Gallium Sulfide density: 3.46-3.65g/cm3

Gallium Sulfide melting point: 1090-1255

Gallium Sulfide uses: semiconductor industry, copper indium gallium sulfur thin-film solar cells

For heating H2S & Ga2S3, heat was the main source of heat. Heat allows heat to flow in extremely hot (905degC or high temperatures (950degC). This permits both high flows (1.950degC), but also streams that are very hot (1.950degC). When the white substance has been heated or heated to high temperatures, it will react with elements.
You should always use Na2 or gaCl in solid-state reactions for the best results.

Gallium Sulfide Powder Ga2S3:
Sulfide is one kind of semiconductor. This is a good choice in any situation that requires non-linear or infrared illumination. Ga2S3 is a good choice for applications that require excellent optical and electric properties. This is the cover, a microcrystalline coating containing halogen. It is applied on to substrate.
To create Ga2S3 layer Thin-clearance silicone plates react with sulfur steam. These plates could operate at 600 Celsius. You can see layers of gallium sulfuride at temperatures as high as 400oC. A scan electron microscope can reveal the topography and layers using both an atomic force microscope as well as a scan electron microscop. The thickness of a layer can be measured from a few micrometers to several thousand millimeters.

Galium Sulfide Slurry Storage
Gallium Sulfide Ga2S3pulver is susceptible to losing its effectiveness when exposed to moisture. Gallium Sulfide Gal2S3 Poultry needs to be stored dry in bags. Gallium Sulfide Ga2S3 Poultry is not to be inhaled. The use of Ga2S3 poultry can help reduce stress.

Packing & Shipping Gallium Sulfide Gal2S3 Pulp:
Gallium Sulfide powder can be packaged in many ways.
Gallium Sulfide Ga2S3 vacuum packaging:Vacuum packaging 100g or 500g at 25kg/barrel. Or you could choose.
Gallium Sulfide Gal2S3 Shipping Details: Send by Express or Air once payment has been received.

Nanotechnology Co. Ltd., an international supplier of quality chemical products, is a company. It was formed in 2012. They also manufacture. This is evident in Nanomaterials, such as Boride and Nitride.
We provide Galium-sulfuride Powder of high quality. (

Gallium Sulfide Properties

and Other Titles gallium(III) sulfide, gallium sulphide, gallium trisulfide,
Digallium trisulphide - ga2S3-powder
Combination Formula Ga2S3
Motility 235.64
Appearance Powder White
Melting Point 1255
Boiling Point N/A
Density 3.65-3.77 g/cm3
Solubility N/A
Exact 235.766498

Gallium Sulfide Safety & Health Information

Hazard Statements H314-H318
Hazard Codes C
Risk Codes N/A
Privacy statement N/A
Transport Information UN 32608/ II

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