Alkali-free Concrete Additives Liquid Concrete Accelerator

1. Introduction of non alkali concrete accelerator

Alkali-free concrete accelerator(cement  accelerator) is a new generation, environmentally-friendly, chlorine-free and alkali-free liquid accelerating admixtures developed by using a new synthetic technology of inorganic and organic materials. It can significantly promote water and mud hydration and increase the strength of concrete, and it has good compatibility with various cements.

The concrete accelerator admixture can be widely used in the wet spraying construction process of various projects, reducing dust during construction, less rebound loss, good concrete homogeneity, and significant economic benefits.

2. Technical performance of non chloride accelerator

Concrete accelerator curing time is fast, the initial setting adhesion is good, and the thickness of one shot can be 8-150mm. Low resilience and good workability. The working face is free of dust, chlorine, and alkali, which is beneficial to the health of operators. There is basically no loss in the later strength of concrete.

3. Use of accelerator in concrete

The dosage of concrete accelerator is 6-9% of the cement weight. 

Concrete accelerator can replace the same amount of water, and the actual mixing amount should be determined after adjustments are made according to the cement type, label and construction temperature.

4. Scope of adaptation of non chloride accelerator

Non chloride accelerator is suitable for spray concrete construction and leak plugging of underground engineering such as mine engineering, coal mine, shaft engineering, highway, railway, traffic tunnel engineering, shotcrete anchor support concrete, urban construction, national defense, water conservancy, and ground cement concrete. Construction and concrete emergency rescue, emergency repair and reinforcement works.

5. How to use non chloride accelerator

Before using non chloride accelerator, it is necessary to make a trial mix of the cement and this agent for adaptability and optimum mixing amount. 

Concrete accelerator admixture is recommended to use a water reducing agent in conjunction with a low water-cement ratio to achieve better results.

The content of concrete accelerator admixture can be controlled by a flow hopper or a precision water meter.

Non chloride accelerator should be stirred evenly after opening the barrel. If it cannot be used up at one time, it should be sealed and stored.

If non chloride acceleratorcomes in contact with the skin, rinse immediately with clean water, if it splashes into the eyes, rinse with clean water, and seek medical help for disposal.

6. Packaging and storage of non chloride accelerator

Packed in plastic drum, 250kg/drum, can be packed according to user requirements.

During transportation, load and unload with care to prevent spillage. It should be stored in a warehouse, protected from rain and sun. The validity period is six months.

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Dosage: 6-9% of the cement weight

Chloride content: ≤ 0.1 0%

Total alkali content: ≤15 0%

Initial setting time: 5min

Final setting time: 12min

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