One of the ten emerging technologies in the field of chemistry-qi ice powder

What is aerogel Powder? Aerogel is a liquid material with the lowest density anywhere in the world. Silicon gel is the most common type of aerogel. It was created first by Kistler, an American scientist, in 1931 to play with his friends. There are many kinds of aerogels available, including silicon and carbon as well as sulfur and metal oxide. Aerogel is a compound term. Aerogel is a compound word. The gel is gel. It stands for gel of air. Any substance can be considered aerogel if it can be dried to remove any solvents and maintain its original form.

Aerogel powder is used for thermal insulation
Silicon aerogel is a good acoustic insulation material and high-temperature sound delay material because of its low sound velocity. The material's acoustic impedance is variable at 103-107 kg/m2 *s. It's an ideal material to use as an acoustic impendance coupling material in ultrasonic detectors such as the common turn Zp=1.5x L07kg/m2*s piezoelectric. However, it has a good resistance of only 400 kg/m2 *s. Therefore, silicon aerogel of 1/4 wavelength can be used to improve transmission efficiency and reduce signal-to noise ratios in device applications. Initial experimental results showed that silicon aerogel of a density around 300 kg/m3 could increase the sound intensity up to 30 dB. Use silicon aerogel with a gradient density to achieve a greater sound intensity.

Aerogel powder in energy storage devices
Research on the quantum-size effect of materials. Chemical vapor infiltration doping Si (and solution doping C60) revealed that silicon aerogel formed a quantum dot structure. This is consistent with the strong evidence for the quantum confinement effects of porous silicon. The structure of silicon aerogel can be used to develop a new type laser protective glasses. Doping is another effective method to create nanocomposite material. A material with a adjustable refractive Index is silicon aerogel. The mass, energy, and mass of high-energy particles can all be determined using aerogel media. A soft landing can be achieved because high-speed particles can penetrate porous material and decelerate slowly. Clear aerogel can be used, which captures high-speed particles in space. It can also be used for observation of trapped particles with the naked eye and microscope.

Aerogel powder prices
Aerogel powder purity and size will impact the price. The purchase volume may also have an effect on the cost. Large quantities of smaller amounts will result in a lower price. Our company's website contains information about the cost of aerogel powder.

Aerogel powder supplier
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