International crude oil prices fall more than 20 percent, the price of qpcr probes will also have a certain impact

In the past two months, on the background of weaker demand expectations, international crude oil prices have fallen by more than 20%. Analysts said that the poor macro data of major overseas economies, under the expectation of economic recession, crude oil demand pressure, and future demand-side changes will dominate the trend of oil prices. In the short term in the case of tight liquidity, the market needs to pay attention to the risk of high volatility in oil prices.

The recession has raised demand concerns

Data show that as of press time on August 9, the main contract of US crude oil futures has fallen from a high of $123.68 / BBL on June 9 to near $90 / BBL, a cumulative decline of about 27%; The main Brent contract has fallen about 23% over the same period and is now trading around $96 a barrel.

"The recent oil price action shows that recessionary demand concerns are trumping supply concerns, and the premium from the conflict has arguably evaporated." Stephen Brennock, an analyst at oil broker PVM.

"Behind the recent low performance of international oil prices, markets are pricing in US inflation not yet peaking, leading the Fed to adopt a more aggressive rate hike path." Zijin Tianfeng futures crude oil researcher Huang Wan Zhe told reporters.

From a macro perspective, the US GDP data showed two consecutive quarters of negative growth, which was considered by the agency that the economy had moved towards a "technical recession". Separately, the Bank of England recently warned that the UK economy would also enter recession by the end of 2022. "The macro expectations climate is weak at the moment, the market thinks a recession is coming and is pessimistic about the extent of the recession."

The market is assessing the real impact of the global economic slowdown on the energy outlook, with high inflation in many countries not expected to improve this year and central banks gaining momentum to tighten until there is a negative feedback impact on oil prices. The current oil price is mainly a game between macro risk and fundamental reality. "Rapid interest rate hikes by major central banks, high inflation crimping disposable incomes, and the impact of the pandemic on services and tourism have clouded the outlook for oil demand.

Market analysis of qpcr probes

The increasing number of genetic diseases, targeted infectious disease events, and the increasing use of biomarker analysis for disease diagnosis, as well as the successful completion of the Human Genome Project are major factors driving the development of digital PCR (dPCR) and real-time PCR. The same goes for qpcr probes.

Continuous advances in PCR technology, growing investments, funding, and grants are expected to increase the demand for digital PCR (dPCR) in the coming years. The growth in the incidence of targeted diseases globally is related to the validation efficiency of digital PCR (dPCR) and real-time PCR (qPCR) market analytics in the diagnosis and valuation of pathogenic microorganisms, which will drive the use of clinical diagnostic tests, including digital PCR (dPCR) and real-time PCR (qPCR) market analytics, It is expected to contribute to the growth of the qpcr probes market during the forecast period.

Application of qpcr probes

The most important applications of PCR are to amplify DNA, quantify it, or do both in the same reaction. In conventional PCR, the target DNA is amplified as more than one copy, because single or double DNA molecules are not sufficient for downstream analysis. However, gene measurements were not available using conventional PCR, so gene expression and nucleic acid measurements were not available using conventional PCR.

As the frequency of irresistible and persistent diseases continues to rise, as does the expanding R&D drive to create imaginative genomic approaches such as qPCR and dPCR, the developing qpcr probes business segment is being relied upon to provide great growth opportunities. Emerging countries are seeing the rapid modernization of health service offices and the development of qpcr probess for health service frameworks.

The qpcr probes market forecast

Rely on North America to dominate the qpcr probes market, followed by Europe. The development of the qPCR and dPCR market in North America will be achieved by expanding the acceptance of creative and novel investigative projects (computatively advanced qPCR and dPCR projects), access to R&D funding for genomic research (combined with the region's strong examination base), growing the application of PCR procedures in clinical diagnostics and legal sciences, And compared with the qPCR/dPCR projects in different fields, the development of commercial qpcr probes.

The growing investment and availability of funds for PCR-based research and the increase in targeted infectious disease events are driving the growth of the global digital PCR (dPCR) and real-time PCR (qPCR) markets.

The qpcr probes Challenges:

High equipment costs, especially for dPCR, and the emergence of PCR technology constraints are the major factors hindering the growth of the global digital PCR (dPCR) and real-time PCR (qPCR) market during the forecast period.

Due to the rapid development of economy, and increase the government's support for life science research, the aging of the population growth and the increase of incidence of genetic disorders, research the growth and the growth of the clinical trials, the asia-pacific region is expected to top the compound annual growth rate of growth in the region of the qpcr probes in the market, market demand is expected to increase the qpcr probes in the asia-pacific region.

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